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The current Chief of Carmichael is Richard Carmichael of Carmichael, 30th Chief of the Name and Arms and 26th Baron of the lands of Carmichael in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He inherited the lands from his cousin in 1980 and claimed the chiefship and titles in 1981 thus reuniting the lands with the chiefship for the first time since the 1817 death of Andrew Carmichael of Carmichael, sixth Earl of Hyndford. Richard, his wife Patricia, son Andrew and daughters, Marama and Sarah have reactivated the Clan Carmichael, produced some 45 newsletters and held 9 international gatherings at Carmichael itself. Clan membership is open to all of the name, or all descended from Carmichaels anywhere and is automatic and without cost. There is a small annual charge for newsletters, gathering information and  membership recording of genealogical data as well as access to special Clan products and tartan. This also assists with Clan developmental work globally.

Clan Carmichael (USA) is a non-profit US IRS authorised body supported by the Chief with some 600 active members attending Highland Games throughout the year across the United States. It is affiliated to Clan Carmichael International which is run by the Chiefs family from the Clan office, Carmichael, Scotland. No other country yet has an organised Clan Association structure but Carmichael International members exist in some 13 countries. The most recent international Clan Carmichael gathering was held at Carmichael Scotland in early July 2010. Other events in Scotland at Roots'97 and Homecoming 2009 were fully supported. In the year 2000 to celebrate the clan millennium and in conjunction therewith, 70 clansmen and women took part in a "battlefield and name origins" tour to Cornwall and France visiting Saint Michael's Mount, Mont St Michel, Bauge battlefield and Orleans city. There have been 9 International gatherings in Scotland in 1983, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010 and each has been accompanied by a family tour normally of the Highlands of Scotland. Regular gatherings in the USA take place every year. Chief Richard and his family have attended Games at Pleasanton California, Glasgow Kentucky,(2012), Stone Mountain Georgia and Grandfather Mountian North Carolina. (right) Carmichael Coat of Arms, Carmichael Church window.

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Carmichael Coat of Arms, Carmichael Church window