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Award Winning Single Estate Meats
from Scotland's Oldest Family Farming Business

If you value a single Estate wine from a French vineyard and a single Estate coffee from a Brazilian plantation then in this age of multiple animal disease scares you need to value equally a single Estate farm meat product from Scotland.

Every animal is born, reared, fattened, slaughtered (except cattle), butchered, packaged and processed on the farm with no road transport until delivery of vacuum packed product to market. Contrast this with the industrialised meat process that took foot and mouth disease from Cumbria to Devon in 8 hours and gives more CJD in the north of Britain when most BSE was in the south.

Think Single Estate Farm Meats with total traceability. Ask for Carmichael Estate Farm Meats. Producers of the single malt venison equivalent.

The Carmichael farm lands are upland farm units in southern Scotland producing traditional meat products from hill grass-fed stock and conserved home-grown feed. No hormone implants, growth promoters or other artificial feed additives are used.

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There have always been deer in the Parks of ancient Carmichael but in 1983 we introduced Red Deer and started deer farming. A farm meat EC approved processing unit was completed in 1994 and thus was added the lean meat, low fat, low cholesterol, healthy alternative product.


Carmichael beef ranks among the best in Scotland - itself ranked amongst the best in the world - continental breeds, Limousin and Simental are crossed with Hereford and Angus.


Scottish Blackface crossed with Border Leicester and Texel tups provides fine hardy progeny for our 1,000 feet hills and harsh winters.

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All livestock are home bred with nothing bought in from outside thus minimising disease and guaranteeing quality animal welfare throughout the rearing and fattening process through to farm gate slaughter. Animal rights activists and vegetarian organisations accept that the farm gate is the most humane place to buy your meat.


Almost organic in its traditional rearing process Carmichael Meats guarantee welfare, husbandry, and equally important, (with the BSE crisis in mind) origins! No job lots of Cast Cows in trucks on motorways for us. Forgo the industrial meat combine and buy Carmichael Estate Farmed Meats.